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Dickies Accessories
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Dickies Footwear
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Dickies Jackets
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Dickies Overalls
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Dickies Workwear

1922 - The Beginning of Dickies

The company was first established in the United States, in 1918. Founded by Williamson-Dickie, the company first produced bib overalls to workers in several industries. The Dickies logo has been worn since 1922, giving Dickies work wear gear their current excellent reputation.

The performance, durability and comfort of Dickies workwear are the traits in which they are renowned for and because of this, Dickies is currently the leading work wear provider in the world. 

1930s & World War II Years

Ever since the business was established there was a very steady growth in the number of workers using the newly founded protective clothing; though the range was understandably much smaller and less appealing than it is today. 

However, the events of the Great Depression slowed down the progress of the company – just like many others at the time. The real establishment of Dickies came during World War II, as they provided millions of uniforms to the British Armed Forces. 

At the end of the Second World War, Dickies Manufacturing decided to plan a strategy that would see a geographical and new production expansion that included; extra warehouses, and expanded sales territories that were to be targeted across the United States.

1950s – Dickies European Expansion

By the 1950’s, Dickies became an international manufacturing company through expanding into the European and Middle Eastern markets as Texas oil workers introduced the brand to those working in the oil fields.

1989 – New Acquisition

In 1989, Dickies made a new acquisition in the UK, as they took over the Clares workwear company, which turned out to be a very smart move.

Dickies Today

Dickies wide range of protective clothing, overalls and industrial workwear helps business’s to meet the health & safety standard requirements in regards to using Personal Protection Equipment.

Dickies currently supply and distribute over 50 million pieces of protective clothing on an annual basis, which provides a stable and reliable source for businesses to order their workwear supplies from.

The design that Dickies (UK) Ltd produces is bespoke and corporate as well as offering a varied performance design. These are distributed through approved stockists from a stock based range.

The Dickies work safety wear range is vast, which includes hi-vis jackets, safety boots , utility vests, casual wear, business clothing and accessories, fireproof clothing and many other types. Additionally, the sectors that Dickies can provide for are very diverse, which include; Healthcare, Catering and Housekeeping/Cleaning.

Dickies workwear currently sell products globally across many countries and continents; Europe, USA, South Africa, South America, North America, Asia, Australia and Russia. 

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