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Snickers Work Wear

Snickers Workwear – What we’re About

Snickers Workwear is part of the Hultafors Group who provides a variety of premium brands for workers and craftsmen globally. Snickers often drive the development of safety work wear products and are both highly advanced and functional.

The Snickers workwear company was established in 1975 in Sweden and ever since then, the Snickers brand has only got stronger in terms of popularity. This has lead to the Snickers Workwear brand being one of Europe’s leading brands, which today is represented in twenty different countries.

Snickers workwear has great potential for continual expansion in terms of products and supplying new markets.

Snickers Workwear Story

Between the years 1959 and 1972, Matti Viio, the founder of Snickers Workwear, was an electrician by trade. The materials and tools used for electricians changed, whereas the workwear worn by electricians didn’t. The workwear that electricians wore was still the same as it was since the mid-nineteenth century. The workwear used in those days were perhaps regarded as being high quality and efficient. However, with advancements in the electrician’s field in general the workwear was becoming ‘old hat’ and inefficient.

Matti Viio realised that workwear used by engineers was simply not good enough and certainly was not up to a good enough standard. Matti Viio did make suggestions to the manufacturers and designers, but they did not listen to what he had to say and therefore, decided to design his own workwear.

Matti Viio said that “One day, I went home from work and designed my own garments to work in! That was my protest against the established work wear industry. I wanted to show that we workers have pride and know-how, and that our need of respect is the same as that of all other groups in society.”

Snickers Workwear has always aimed and succeeded in solving work wear issues for professionals working across different sectors. This is a result of the professionalism that’s carried on throughout the company, in-particularly the know-how and forward thinking.

Snickers Core Values

Rely on us

In each and every way both internally and externally, we are a partner that can be relied upon. This is because we carry out plans and strategies at the right time and try to exceed everyone’s expectations. 


Business and organisations are all about the people; employees and customers.  Employee’s skills and the way they treat customers is often the difference between a run of the mill company and a very successful one.

We believe in our employees at Snickers work wear and respect each and every individual. We support our employees in their personal development through training and in becoming a part of the success of the company.


Entrepreneurship is how it all started and it is the mindset we bring with us. We work as a team, without prestige and strive towards common goals. Dedication and pro-activeness are key in everything we do.

Integrity & Citizenship

Companies should not take short cuts and business ethics should strongly be adhered to. Snickers workwear conducts business with the utmost integrity and take social responsibility very seriously, as we promote environmental sustainability.

Snickers Work Wear Vision

Snickers workwear’s vision is to be the most desired partner for the distribution of advanced workwear in order to become without doubt the number one choice for craftsmen throughout Europe. 

Snickers Mission

Our mission is to be the most dynamic and reliable partner through offering the finest brands with original state-of-the-art work wear products and in turn keeping craftsmen at the forefront. 

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