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DeWalt Footwear

DeWalt Safety Footwear

DeWalt is one of the leading brands within the safety footwear industry, they have many different styles available, and here at Safety Wear & Signs Ltd we offer their whole range.

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DeWalt safety footwear are the only certified company to include a goretex lining in their safety boots. Although Goretex is not the cheapest option when looking for safety footwear, it is the BEST, and DeWalt offer nothing but the best safety footwear, trainers, boots and riggers.

The DeWalt apprentice safety boot is the best selling safety boot, in the UK market place. The DeWalt apprentice combines the great design, longevity and hard wearing that DeWalt have become know for in their safety footwear range. Safety Wear & Signs Ltd are very competitive with the DeWalt safety boots, and offer all DeWalt footwear for cheap prices, with UK delivery.

Please consider visiting our Sussex branch to view some of the DeWalt safety boots and DeWalt safety footwear that we keep in stock. Safety wear and sign ltd keep a very large range of cheap DeWalt safety boots in stock.

Alternatively please call one of our safety footwear specialists on 01903 755335 who have a vast knowledge on DeWalt safety boots, safety trainers and DeWalt rigger boots!