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Dickies Footwear

Dickies Safety Footwear

At Safetywear and Signs we stock a wide range of Dickies safety boots which include standard safety boots, dealer boots, hiker boots, childrens boots, ladies footwear, safety trainers, riggers and safety wellington boots.

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Dickies is one of the leading workwear companies worldwide. They provide top quality footwear at an affordable price. When producing there footwear and workwear, they use the latest devlopments in fabric technology and manufacturing techniques to obtain high performance workwear that is suitable for all. There are many different styles of boots dickies manufacture including a traditional style of boot and a modern style.

Dickies manage to offer both ends of the pricing scale, incorporating cheap safety boots and top end safety boots.

Safety Boot Accessories

We as a company also provide a range of safety boot accessories. Dickies provide a wide range of socks. This includes standard socks and special steel toe socks which will protect your feet from rubbing against the steel toe within the boot this improves comfort when at work. Also we provide special types of laces. They come in different lengths depending on what boot you have. The types of laces we provide are standard laces and wax laces. Innersoles improve comfort within the boot and we stock various different innersoles.

Different Types of Safety Boot

Dickies have many different styles of safety boots. With most safety boots now they all have the regular steel toe cap and steel midsole. But now companies have started using a composite toe cap and midsole. The difference between steel and composite is that the composite toe cap complies to the same safety legislation as the steel toe. The benefit of having a composite toe cap and midsole is that it makes the boot a lot lighter and increases comfort as well.


You must have the correct safety footwear and safety shoes for your work
You must take care of your footwear as it will not take care of itself
Clean regularly with dubbin or polish to keep the leather supple and water resistant
We will not exchange any safety footwear if:

  1. They have been abused 
  2. They are muddy or dirty

Faulty footwear will only be exchanged at Safety Wear & Signs discretion.