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Hi Vis Jackets

High Visibility Jackets - Hi Viz coats

Safety Wear and Signs hold a large stock of Hi visibility jackets, hi viz coats and high viz bombers. We also stock a large variety of different types of jackets, coats, bombers and parkers. At our sussex base, we keep large stocks, so please feel free to come into our branch and peruse the differnt styles.

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Hi Vis Bomber

Safety Wear and Signs offer a few different styles of hi viz bomber, Our best selling and cheapest Bomber jacket is the 'Hi Vis Constructor Bomber Jacket' we sell a lot of these bomber jackets as they are a cheap style of hi viz bomber. We also sell this item in bulk. 
Safety Wear & Signs also offer different styles of bomber jackets, including the Click Super Bomber, and the Dickies GO/RT Bomber.  Hi vis bombers come in both hi viz yellow and hi vis orange, and here at safety wear and signs we stock a large quantity of both colours.

Hi Vis Jackets

Safety wear and signs offer both online, and instore a large range of different jackets and parka's, we offer the range of cheap and market leading, including waterproof and delux. Safety Wear and signs, who are based in sussex keep a range of Snickers, click and Dickies Hi viz jackets, parkers and winter jackets.

Hi Vis Soft Shell

Hi Viz soft shell jackets and coats are fairly new to the workwear market. Softshell jackets are partually waterproof, and are often used as a mid level jacket inbetween a t-shirt and an over winter coat. Hi Viz softshell jackets are extreamly movable, and are an ideal addition to your workwear closet.


Remember at Safety Wear & Signs Ltd we are able to brand any item, and can print, heatseal or even embroider on any of the Hi-viz jackets, coats or bombers we have available online on our ecommerce store.


Remember you can always contact one of our hi vis specialist, who will be more than haooy to help with any decisions you are trying to make. Please call us on 01903 755335