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Work Trousers

Safety Wear and Signs are aware that good quality work trousers are needed by both men and women, regardless of whether they work in or out of doors. We have worked hard to bring you a broad range of work trousers at a variety of different price points that willl see you through an entire year, in comfort and with the toughest durability available.

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Work Trousers are an important part of any uniform. The right work trousers can improve the look of a company’s uniform, but should also be durable enough to withstand the type of work that they are used for. Of course those who work in tougher conditions (i.e. floorlayers or tradesmen) need work trousers that can withstand greater wear and tear than office workers require. If you need any help choosing the correct trouser for your industry or need any advice on sizes, please contact us.

Our range of work wear includes knee pad trousers that provide suitable cushioning and protection for jobs that require you to spend a long amount of time on your knee's, such as gardening or carpet fitting. Knee pad trousers will help protect your knees from swelling and also have more durable knee positions, increasing the trousers life. We also have kevlar trousers which are extremely durable, as well as a selection of work shorts and 3/4 length pirate trousers.

Our range offers many colours and materials, like khaki and the aforementioned Kevlar. We stock Dickies, Snickers, Dewalt, Apache, JCB, Click and other labelled workwear brands.

Safety Wear & Signs work closely with the largest brands in the industry, including Snickers and Dickies, and would be happy to advise you on the best in their ranges for you. Dickies have some fantastic value for money products, including the WD884 Redhawk trouser at £15.00 + VAT, and also the EH26800 Eisenhower trouser for £25.00 + VAT, both of these trouser offer good products at fantastic value. Snickers offer the best of the best, snickers work trousers are the best on the market, and although a little more costly than other brands, you will get what you pay for. Snickers leading product would be the 3212 trouser, offering a superb trouser, with triply stitched seams, and a guaranteed zip, you cant go far wrong. Snickers also offer the best trouser on the market for floorlayers, in the 3223 trouser, this trouser is specifically designed with the hard use in mind that the floor layers industry will put them through.

Please view all our different brands of trousers, as we believe we have one of the best ranges within the work trouser / uniform industry